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Past Leadership Of The  Indianapolis Free Church Of God

Our Organization has had many leaders since 1961. Here are some of those who were called to carry out the vision of God, given to our founder, Bishop William Stubbs.

Are you a past leader of the Free Church of God?  Do you have a testimony of your history as a lay member?

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Bishop Richard D. Sanders

Bishop R. D. Sanders graduated from William Carey University in 1977 with an undergrad degree in English and a minor in Psychology.  He completed a graduate degree in 1993 at St. Stephens Theological Seminary, where he obtained a Doctorate of Divinity.

Bishop Sanders has been pastoring for 39 years and was elected Pastor of the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church in January 1983. During that time, the membership has grown from 85 to as many as 1500, while adopting the theme- the church, “Where the Holy Ghost Lives and Leads.”


In addition to serving as Pastor of the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church-also known as the Compton Cathedral Worship Center, Bishop Sanders also serves as the:

  • Chairman – The Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Dinner West Coast, Inc

  • Radio Personality of “The Way Out Reloaded Show” (Accelerated Radio)

  • Presiding Bishop – True Word Ministries, Inc.

  • Moderator Emeritus – Faith District Association (oversees 14 Churches)

  • Vice President At Large – Western Baptist State Convention of California

  • Vice Chairman –Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention

  • Chairman of the Board – Pastors For Compton – Ministerial Alliance

  • Former Board Member – Compton Religious Access Channel 24

  • Gospel Recording Artist – San –Sound Productions

  • Author of the book, In His Hands

He is also the Founder/CEO of the following non-profit corporations:

  • Hedges and Highways Inc., Compton, CA

  • True Word Ministries, Compton, CA

  • S.O.Y.T.A.T (Save Our Youth Today and Tomorrow), Compton, CA

  • Total Care for Life Inc., Compton CA

  • Pilgrim Country Economic Development, Compton, CA

Finally, he is nationally known as a prolific and profound teacher, revivalist and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an expertise in, “Rightly dividing the Word of Truth!”

bishop sanders.jpg

Bishop Charles Tinder

Bishop Tinder was the son-in-law of the Free Church of God’s (FCOG) Founder and was under the tutelage of Bishop Stubbs.   He was married to Priscilla Stubbs Tinder.  He pastored the FCOG starting in 1965; and was ordained Bishop in 1982.

Under his 32 years as Pastor, he may have changed the natural foundation of the Free Church, but never the strong spiritual and theological roots started by Bishop William B. Stubbs.  Bishop Tinder studied at the Christian Theological Seminary, and the Muskegon Bible Institute under Dr. Willie Duncan. As a result, he was given an honorary Doctor of Theology.

Although, his responsibilities at the church were many, Bishop Tinder was co-founder and chairman of Bread to the World Fellowship Organization.  He found great pleasure in fellowshipping with diverse populations of people from all walks of life.   

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