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Bishop William B. Stubbs


Bishop William B. Stubbs was born in Greenville, Mississippi on January 23, 1880.  He was a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana for 59 years. Being a fervent believer in the apostolic doctrine, he established The Free Church of God Apostolic Faith on April 29, 1922.


Bishop Stubbs held spirit-led tent services in 1932 at 15 Missouri Street in Indianapolis, IN.  From these meetings 76 souls were added to the church.  Many delegates from out-of-town churches took part in these powerful evangelical worship and praise services.  Young and old together would have a glorious time praising the Lord while the power of the Holy Ghost filled the tent.


Bishop Stubbs was a true servant of Jesus Christ.  He didn’t achieve man-made success as some might imagine; however, he was invested in winning souls for Christ.  He was committed to building the lives of people, a teacher of righteousness, and an all-around humanitarian. 


Bishop gave of himself unselfishly to the work of the Kingdom of God.  He gained confidence of his fellow man and maintained that confidence for forty years as pastor of one church, the Free Church of God Apostolic Faith.

Bishop mentored and taught many future leaders of the Apostolic Faith. He not only planted himself firmly as a family man; but planted many churches.  Some are listed below:

  • St. Albans, West Virginia

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Kokomo, Indiana

  • Portsmouth, Ohio

  • Huntington, West Virginia

  • South Bend, Indiana

  • Detroit, Michigan


Bishop William B. Stubbs has had a lasting legacy for the last 100 years, because of his belief in righteousness, unconditional love for humanity, and the teachings of Jesus of Christ. 


We Remember... 

Listen to generations of the past recall the life and legacy of Bishop William B. Stubbs.  This audio is narrated by Minister Lydia Randolph. 

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Mother Jannie Stubbs

Mother Jannie Stubbs was born in Bristow, Kentucky on February 14, 1881.

She came to Indianapolis in August 1902, where she met her husband. Widely and affectionately known as “Mother Stubbs” she devoted her life to Christian leadership among women. She contributed much to the organization of the Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the Free Church of God of which she was the founder.


Mother Jannie Stubbs was also the organizer of the Mothers Board of Members. She was known as Senior Mother. The Mothers; carried the burdens of the Free Church of God. When they celebrated Mother’s Day, the mothers were seated together – dressed in gray and claiming their reverence for this day. Their lives were patterned after the “Mother of Jesus”, who was blessed among women. They were advised by Mary’s words telling them, “Whatever Jesus says do, do it.”


Mother Stubbs was an anointed teacher of God’s word. She taught from a chart, a vision received from God – designating a black heart and a white heart, the white heart representing what we must have if we want to be in God’s will and receive eternal life. Mother Stubbs was active in the Word of the Lord until the end.


Mother Stubbs, while talking from the roster of the church, was stricken on a Saturday and died four hours later at her home on May 4, 1944. What a Soldier!


Althea B. (Stubbs) Sanders-Page 

Aletha Belle Stubbs Sanders Page, known as Mother Page, was born on April 4, 1922, to the proud parents, Bishop William B.,and Jannie Stubbs.  When asked, she would tell you that the most glorious experience in her life was when she was filled with the Holy Ghost at the tender age of thirteen years old.


As her life progressed, Aletha enrolled in Provident Nursing School in Chicago, Illinois.  During her tenure as a student, Aletha held her Christian integrity and earned her nickname, “Rev.” The word of God remained in her heart; and she was able to withstand all temptations.


Sister Page served as Sunday School Superintendent, Church Secretary, Minister of Music, and Supervisor of the Youth Department- concurrently. Mother Page’s testimony was her life. This servant not only taught, holiness, love, and faith, but lived it as an example of what God can do with a yielded vessel.  Mother Page is quoted as saying, “I’m a witness that when you are led by the Spirit of God, you are no respecter of persons.” Aletha B. Stubbs Sanders Page was one of the pillars of the church- serving for 69 years until moving to Los Angles to live with her son, Bishop Sanders.


We will share a writing from someone, who knew her best, her son, Bishop Richard D. Sanders: 


“I remember the first time I explained to you the word, “perfect” as seen in Matthew 5:48.  I told you that the word is translated mature or complete by the way of process.  Webster says, “perfect” is without fault, spotless, flawless, and being entirely with no defects.  I give you the Greek word that partnered with Webster’s definition, and we discovered that the word was only used in the Bible to describe Jesus.  But I was so encouraged by your response: 'Everyday I’m striving for the perfection not just in Matthew 5:48, but also in John 8:7.  I want to be like Jesus right here on Earth!'


Well mom, you are the closest thing to Webster’s “perfect” that we will ever witness on this Earth.  Your love, kindness, smile, giving, your sanctification, even in private, encourages us all to mimic the Master as much as we can.  There was no guile found in your heart or malice in your intentions.” 


“My Mom taught me how to be saved!”


Priscilla Tinder

Priscilla Tinder was born January 28, 1920, to Elder William B. Stubbs and Mother Jannie Stubbs. The sixth of eight children, Priscilla was brought up in the fear of admonition of the Lord. Priscilla loved her family very much but was stubborn and received many whippings.

Priscilla was an honor student in school and was very ambitious. Soon after graduating from high school, she enrolled in Poro Beauty School. After graduating, she worked at Edna Mae’s Beauty Shop until Poppa allowed her to remodel the back porch at the home place into a first class beauty shop at 2038 Boulevard Place.


Sister Tinder always worked untiringly with her hands to provide a home for her husband and three children.  She was very independent. In September of 1966 she began working in the I.P.S. school system as a Reading Tutor. She worked faithfully at this job until June of 1988, when she retired.

In 1959, Mother Tinder was baptized in Jesus’ name and was filled with the Holy Ghost at the Free Church of God, where her father, the late Bishop William B. Stubbs, is the founder. It was only a short time after she received the Holy Ghost that her husband also was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.  

When her husband became pastor of the church, Sister Tinder worked tirelessly beside him to up build the kingdom. At one time, Mother Tinder was critically ill, and she asked the Lord to spare her life so she could continue to be a help-mate to Bishop Tinder. One aspect of her being a help-mate to her husband was how she often read the scriptures for her pastor and husband while he is preaching. They were a good team.

Sister Tinder loved to go to church, testify, sing and shout. To this day you can see her dance for the Lord. Mother Tinder loved the word of God and knew it well. She believed in life for both the soul and the body. Anyone who has ever called Mother Tinder for prayer has heard this quote: “The prayer of Faith will save the sick the Lord will raise them up.” She was a believer in divine healing for the body. She served as a Senior Mother of the church, President of the Missionary Society, Sunday school teacher of Class A, and a member of the Gospel Chorus. Mother Tinder’s first love in life was Jesus Christ and her second was the Free Church of God.

Dr. Charles Tinder


Bishop Tinder was the son-in-law of the late Bishop Stubbs. He began pastoring the Free Church of God in 1965 and was ordained as Bishop in 1982. He learned obtained his beginnings from the founder of this church.  Bishop Tinder taught and preached the doctrine of divine healing, perfection, and life for both the soul and body.


Under his 32-year tenure as Pastor, he may have changed the natural foundation of the Free Church, but he left the strong spiritual roots intact. He took care of the flock with gentleness, patience, and loving care.


Bishop Tinder studied at Christian Theological Seminary, and Muskegon Bible Institute, under Bishop Dr. Willie Duncan. It was because of his studies at the Muskegon Bible Institute that he was given an honorary Doctor of Theology.

Even with his responsibilities at the church, Bishop Tinder found time to Co-Found and be the Chairman of Bread to the World Fellowship Organization.

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